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Affectionate and people-oriented, the Snowshoe is an amiable and loving friend and companionHistoryWhile the Snowshoe is a relatively new breed, there is evidence of its existence both in an old Victorian photograph of a purebred litter of Siamese in which the front kitten has four white feet and in a 19th century Japanese silk-screen showing one peering around a corner at a spider. It undoubtedly shares an ancient ancestry with both the Siamese and The Birman but now is unlike either in type.The first attempt at establishing a breed of moderate, white-footed Siamese began back in the 1950's under the name of Silver Laces. Its history was short-lived and nothing was done until the 1960's when Dorothy Hinds-Daugherty, a Philadelphia Siamese breeder decided to develop the idea of a moderate, white-footed, siamese-type cat into a breed she christened Snowshoe. She worked with the fledgling breed, introducing the American Shorthair, for several years before recruiting Vikki Orlander of Furr-Lo Cattery, Norfolk, VA into the fold. It was she that produced the first viable standard and got the first Snowshoes accepted for registration in CFF. The movement slowed almost to a stop again until Jim Hoffman and Georgia Kuhnell came onto the scene. Between the three of them Snowshoes were admitted for registration in ACFA and TICA too. With the advent of more breeders and more work on the standards, the Snowshoe breed became recognized as a permanent breed first in CFF in 1982 then in ACFA in 1990 and finally in TICA in 1993. Snowshoes can now be shown to championship honors in those associations and a movement is underway for introduction to CFA.DescriptionThe Snowshoe is a shorthaired cat with a pointed coat pattern, white markings on the feet (for which the breed is named), and an inverted white "V" on the face, which begins in the middle of the forehead and descends to the muzzle. A medium-size cat, the Snowshoe combines the stocky, robust appearance of the American Shorthair with the length of the Siamese. The pleasing result is a powerful, agile cat of intermediate body type.ÿ The head is a rounded wedge shape, the eyes are oval and bright blue, and the ears are medium-size, with slightly rounded tips.ÿTICA standards which became effective 1 May 1994 include all solid eumelanistic (black based) colors in the particolor pointed division. The two predominate colors are Seal Point and White and Blue Point and White. ACFA and CFF standards remain limited to Seal and Blue colors only. The combination of points and white pattern on the feet, which resulted in the name of Snowshoe, easily distinguishes it from it's oriental ancestors and the introduction of the American Shorthair ancestors added bicolor patterns to this already unique look resulting in a variety of unique leg and facial patterns for an eye catching look.TemperamentSnowshoes tend to be active and friendly cats that want to be with you at all times and generally prefer a warm lap to the best cat bed.ÿÿ They can be 'talkers', with soft, melodic voices.ÿ They are sometimes shy with strangers and don't like changes well but are extremely devoted to family members including other family pets. They are highly intelligent and can easily be taught games. If you like interactive cats, the Snowshoe may be the cat for you.

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This breed information has been assembled from a number of area which include "The Legacy of the Cat" by Gloria Stephens, "Eyewitness Handbooks - Cats" by David Alderton and the "TICA Breed Standards".ÿ As well, much information was obtained on the Internet. It was submitted to us by Southern Alberta Calgary Cat Fanciers