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The Singapura is a shorthaired cat that has large eyes and an unusual color coat of warm beige, sable-ticked. Although small, they are muscular cats. They have soft, voices and like being near their family. They are gentle, outgoing, good-natured, and mischievous at timeHistoryThe Singapura is the world?s smallest domestic cat. They were only recognised as a breed in 1974 when the first Singapura was found living wild as a street cat on the island of Singapore. It is from the local word for the island of their origin, Singapura, that the breed takes its name.It seems likely that the breed has existed in its current type for perhaps 300 years, being descended from cats arriving from all parts of the world on trading ships, and perhaps even crossed with already resident feral, or wild cats. They are one of three typical 'types' living in Singapore, the other two be akin to the Abyssinian and the Japanese bob-tail.Singapuras lived in small colonies throughout the city, and were periodically culled by the authorities who considered them to be vermin. It was one such cull prior to a Royal visit in 1974 that would have appeared to have almost wiped out the breed, and meant that only three cats matching the description of the breed could be found and exported to the States. It is from these three cats, and a fourth found in 1980, that the entire breed has descended. ÿBecause of the fact that the breed was considered as vermin in its native country, many of the cats lived in the sewers and gutters of the city, earning themselves the nickname of 'Drainpipe Cats'.ÿDescriptionOverall impression of the ideal Singapura is a medium to small, compact cat with a striking face dominated by large eyes and ears. The eyes can be hazel, green or yellow.ÿÿThe intensely ticked (sable only) coat has a muted iridescent quality giving the impression of refined and delicate coloring.ÿ The ground color is a warm "old ivory" tending to yellow tones. Muzzle, chin, chest and stomach are the color of unbleached muslin.ÿ The preferred color effect is of a warm, glowing, lightly shaded, richly ticked cat with strongly contrasting markings.ÿThe Singapura cat does not bear a strong resemblance any other recognized breed. This is not a long-bodied cat, nor should the torso be tubular. Males are proportionally larger than females. All Singapuras should have a lively interest in the surroundings and are, above all, outgoing, gentle cats, amenable to handling, well-balanced physically and of sound health.Singapura cats are the smallest of all the recognized cat breeds. Females can be as small as four pounds in adulthood, males run about six pounds. Although small, they are muscular cats, almost stocky in build. They are not delicate or "miniature" cats.TemperamentThe Singapura loves human company, and are content to sit on their owner's knee or shoulder. They seem to prefer to be off the ground and at a height that puts them on a level, or above their owners, so will often climb onto bookshelves, kitchen units etc. anywhere that gives them a good view of the world around them. ÿSingapuras have a lively interest in the surroundings and are, above all, outgoing, gentle cats, amenable to handling, well-balanced physically and of sound health.

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This breed information has been assembled from a number of area which include "The Legacy of the Cat" by Gloria Stephens, "Eyewitness Handbooks - Cats" by David Alderton and the "TICA Breed Standards".ÿ As well, much information was obtained on the Internet. It was submitted to us by Southern Alberta Calgary Cat Fanciers