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The Korat is the silver-blue good luck cat with huge green eyes. The heart-shaped head of the Korat is like no other breed.ÿDescription:This is a semi-cobby, shorthair cat of great strength, with a pale, silvery blue coat, a heart shaped face and large, luminous green eyes. The expressive eyes are unlike those of any other cats; they are oversize for the face, with great depth and intense gaze. The eyes must be set well apart, fitting into the top of the heart shaped face or the ?look? of the Korat is not there. An amber cast to the green eyes is acceptable. One of the most distinctive aspects of this breed is the double-heart-shaped head; a heart-shaped face on a heart-shaped head. The eyebrow ridges from the upper curves, which run gently down to the muzzle to complete the heart. The forehead is large and flat. The large ears are set high on the head, there is a slight stop between the forehead and the nose.The semi-cobby body is of medium size, muscular, with strong leg boning, giving a sense of a hard-coiled spring and unexpected weight for its size. The back is carried in a curve. The tail is medium in length. The legs are of moderate length, the front legs slightly shorter than the back legsThe single coat is short to medium in length, glossy and fine, lying close to the body. The color is pale silver-blue all over, with no shading or tabby markings. The silver tipping gives a frosty or silver sheen or halo effect over the entire cat, like a silver cloud over a blue sky.


This is a very old shorthair breed from Thailand, dating back as far as the mid-fourteenth century. The Korat was first seen in England at a cat show as early as 1896. The first pair to be imported to the United States arrived in 1959 and were registered at that time. In 1966 the Korat competed in the championship classes for the first time. By 1969 all associations in North America recognized them for championship. Many believe the Korat to be the forerunner of the blue point Siamese. In Thailand, the Korats are known as Si-Sawat cats. Si means color. Swat means good fortune or prosperity; it also means a mingled color of gray and light green. The gift of a pair of Si-Sawat cats to a bride insures a fortunate marriage. The Thai people place so much value on the Si-Sawat cat that it is rare for one to be sold. They will give them as gifts to those thy hold in high esteem.

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