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These ?Persians in Pajamas? with their short, plush fur and wide-eyed, innocent expression have a distinctive teddy-bear look.Description:Exotic Shorthair breeders are very exacting about the length and texture of their cat?s short, dense, plush coat. If the guard hairs art to long, the coat will drape down; this is not desirable. There should be an abundance of undercoat. The cat should be firm in flesh, not fat, and well-balanced physically and temperamentally, giving the impression of robust power. The cobby body is well-rounded; the boning is sturdy, large and in proportion to the body. The muscles are firm and well-developed. The back should be short and level. Its tail should be short yet in proportion to the body and should be carried without a curve at an angle lower than the back, but not trailed when walking. In front view, forelegs should be short straight.


The Exotic Shorthair is a man-made breed, the result of selective breeding programs to produce a Persian type without the long hair. This attempt started in the 1960s and was greeted with screams of outrage from some Persian breeders. Ultimately, though perseverance, Exotic Shorthairs were recognized for championship competition and have delighted fanciers ever since. To obtain the shorthair characteristics, another breed had to be crossed with the Persians; most Exotic Shorthair breeders selected the American Shorthair. Burmese and British Shorthairs were also used, but since 1968 these two breeds have not been allowed as outcrosses. Many early Exotics did not have good Persian type, but today?s Exotics have exquisite Persian type as well as the Persian?s mellow disposition.


The Exotic temperament is very sweet and lovable. They are calm cats who spend a fair amount of time sleeping and playing when they are not eating. Though their curiosity is fully intact, they seldom run, jump or climb. They can have a surge of energy and suddenly romp like a kitten, but for the most part they are content with a very quiet life. The Exotics are a very quiet cats and are well suited to apartment or city life where less vocal cats are appreciated.

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