Cornish Rex

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The Cornish Rex is the grayhound of the cat world. The soft, wavy, marcelled coat is unlike that on any other cat. Everything is curly, even the whiskers.Description:The Cornish Rex is a foreign-type cat; everything is long and slender. It is considered by many judges and breeders to be the most extreme of all the short-haired cats.The skull is egg-shaped; the back part of the skull is well-rounded to accentuate the oval-shaped head, which is longer than it is wide. There should be a whisker break. The Cornish Rex has a Roman profile, a slight arch from the forehead to the tip of the nose; there may be a slight change of direction at the eyes, creating two convex curves instead of one continuous downward arch. The striking, often outlandishly large ears have a deep conical appearance and are set high on the head. The eyes are medium in size and oval in shape, set an eye?s width apart and re slanted very slightly.The Cornish has extremely find boning and stands high on its legs. The cats are sometimes called ?spiders? due to their fine boning, yet they fell much heavier than they look and must have substantial hips. The cat must be hard and muscular with no indication of being overly fat or thin. The long body is small to medium in size; the rib cage is full and deep, and the backbone follows an upward curve forming a ?tuck up? like that of a greyhound. The tail is long and thin. The feet are small and oval.The coat displays deep, even waves; waves that extend to the head, legs and tails are most desirable. The coat is short, fine, very soft and dense. The cat is a delight to feel, the hair is so soft and wavy that it feels like velvet ripples in your hands. The Cornish Rex is recognized in all colors and divisions.


The first known Rex was born in 1950 in a litter of kittens from two ordinary short-coated cats in Cornwall, England. The coat was different in that it was wavy. The red and white wavy-coated male kitten (named Killibunker) was bred back to its mother, who produced more wavy-coated kittens. These were later to be called Rex, after the rabbits of the same name. All Cornish Rex cats thus trace their ancestry back to Killibunker.Further breeding revealed the wavy coat to be true, recessive mutation. Many breeders were used in the development of the Rex, resulting in a large gene pool making almost every color and pattern available.


The Cornish Rex has a very alert and athletic look and is very intelligent, outgoing and affectionate. Little or not grooming is required as the cat does not constantly shed. But one of the greatest delights is hand grooming the Rex; to run your hand over the body of a Rex feels so pleasant that care must be taken to not overdo it. The cat likes a warmer environment, as there is not much hair to protect it from the cold. Although it has a normal temperature, the Rex may feel warmer than most other cats.Rex cats are extremely curious about their surroundings. They indulge in special acrobatics and ?ground speed racing? and are known clowns. Their easy grooming, soft wavy coats and intelligence make them delightful cats to show and have as pets.

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