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The Bombay is the black panther of the cat fancy, with its patent leather coat and copper penny eyes.Description:In TICA, the Bombay is not a black Burmese. The Bombay resembles a moderate Burmese in type; the body and legs may be slightly longer. They should be well-muscled and deceptively heavy for their size. In profile, there should be a moderate stop in the line of the nose. The body is semi-cobby. The tail should be neither long nor whippy. The coat on a mature specimen (at four years) should be black to the roots. Allowance in coat color is made for younger cats.


The Bombay, a man-made breed, was created by breeding a Burmese to a Black American Shorthair in 1958. It was not given championship status until 1976. Bombays are often referred to as the small black panthers of the cat fancy world, with their black shinning coats and large, round glowing copper eyes.Black is the only accepted color, Bombays carrying the sepia gene may produce sepia kittens. In TICA, these sepia kittens are shown with the Burmese.


The Bombays have excellent appetites, and are healthy cats. They have a sweet disposition, and are rather mellow. They make excellent pets.

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