American Wirehair

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The American Wirehair was a spontaneous mutation that changed the normal straight coat of the American Shorthair to a coat that is not only springy, dense and resilient, but also coarse and hard to the touch. Guard hairs are bent at the en, forming a hookDescription:The present standard of the American wirehair varies little from the American Shorthair standard, with the exception of the description of the coat. There is, however, a movement among some United States breeders to breed the cat slightly smaller than the American Shorthair. These cats require very little grooming, just brushing once a week to remove loose hairs. If it should be necessary to bath them, possibly before a show, this should be carried out several days in advance. Once the cat?s coat has dried completely, its springy character will return naturally.


Although cats with wiry coats were reported in Britain and elsewhere following Word War 11, no breed was established. A litter with wirehaired kittens was born in 1967 to a pair of farm cats in upstate New York. Breeders took over the careful planning of a breeding program by first breeding the male form this litter (a red and white kitten who had a wire haired coat and was named Adam) to his littermate, whose coat was straight. After two generations, a ?true? Wirehair kitten was born in 1969. All American Wirehairs trace their ancestry to Adam. To improve type and vigor, breeders used American Shorthairs in their breeding programs.


Characteristics of the American Wirehair are activeness, agility and a keen interest in its surroundings. Owners describe their cats as muscular and independent. They rule the roost, taking no nonsense from other cats.

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