American Bobtail

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The American Bobtail is a naturally occurring breed of short-tailed cat.ÿ The foundation stock of this breed comes from feral cats, possessing a natural short tail.ÿ The American Bobtail is aÿwild looking cat packaged as a sweet lovable devoted pet.ÿ ÿDescription: The American Bobtail is a wild looking, medium to large, naturally occurring short-tailed cat.ÿ It is a hearty breed that has all the intelligence and skill that nature demands of her creatures.ÿ The American Bobtail displays the look of an athletic animal, well-muscled and solid, with the appearance of power. The American Bobtailÿstandard has evolved to accept all patterns and colors of American Bobtails, as well as coats in short, medium and long lengths.


The true development of this breed began in the late 1960's.ÿ A young couple on vacation discovered a brown tabby kitten with a short tail on an Indian reservation.ÿ They brought the little fellow home and named him "Yodi".ÿ Whenÿyoung Yodi become of age, he romanced the couple's female cat "Mishi", a non-pedigreed domestic color point.ÿ The resulting kittens inherited Yodi's unusual bobbed tail. A family friend saw the possibility to establish a new breed and the first written standard for the American Bobtail came about.


American Bobtails are noted for an exceptional disposition and adaptability.ÿ Their temperament is that of a calm, intelligent and completely manageable cat.ÿ Conformation, balance and temperament should be among the most important factors of this breed.ÿ They are very people oriented and devoted and will bond quickly with all family members including other felines and dogs.ÿThey are loving, sweet, playful and loyal companions.American Bobtails love toÿfetch, play in water, wag their tails and follow you from room toÿroom.ÿÿIfÿtaken places as kittens, they love to join their people wherever they go.ÿ They can be trained to do anything you have the patience to teach them to do.ÿ They are incredibly devoted to their people andÿfriendly to strangers.

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