Pet Airways launches first pet-only airline

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For all you pet owners out there that just dread putting your poor little "sweetums" in the cold cargo hold of a commercial airliner, you now have an alternative.


Pet Airways, based in Delray Beach, Florida, will fly your pets to and from New York, Washington D.C., Chicago, Denver and Los Angeles.  The company says your pets will be constantly attended to on the flight and treated as first-class passengers.

Here's how the service works: Before the flight, you drop your pet at the "Pet Lounge."  Then attendents give the pet a "potty break" about two hours before take-off.  Once the pet boards the plane, a pet attendent will take care of his or her needs for the duration of the flight.  When the flight lands, your beloved animal will be taken to another "Pet Lounge" where you can pick him or her up.  And, you can track your pet along the way with Pet Airway's "Pet Tracker" online. 

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