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Automated Cat Wash


Does the world really need this invention? It doesn't look like cats enjoy it very much.

Goldie Arnold: A light in dark economic times


The economy is affecting all areas of our country, including our beloved pets. But in great times of depression there will always be goodness.

Flashy Clothes For Your Pet?


Flashy clothes for your pet? Watch how cool blue clothing can help you and your pet stay safe at night. Now there is a bright idea.

Suryia and Roscoe forever


Roscoe the dog and his best friend Suryia the orangutan met 2 years ago in South Carolina and have been inseparable ever since. The Today's Show Lester Holt talks with the owner.

Dog Food - Not Just for Dogs Anymore....


 Ok... not sure why the American Assn. of Wine Economists did this study but they did...

Is this Kosher? Labrador most popular dog in Israel


 The Labrador Retriever topped the list of most loved dog breeds in Israel in 2008, according to figures released by the Agriculture Ministry's Veterinary Services last week. The &qu

Dogs Helping Kids to Read


Interesting article in the Arizona Republic today about a unique program that use therapy dogs to help children learn to read.  Paws to Read is helping kids learn to read out loud since it can

Biggest Loser: Pet Edition


 We have some pretty fat Dogs and Cats out there.

Life in the Whitehouse with Bo and Barrack


Michelle Obama talks about life in the Whitehouse with Bo and Barrack.

Pet Airways launches first pet-only airline


For all you pet owners out there that just dread putting your poor little "sweetums" in the cold cargo hold of a commercial airliner, you now have an alternative.




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