One of my cats is approx 18 years old and he has a barfing problem. He has always barfed throughout his life, however, in the last year his barfing has increased. Sometimes to more than once per day. I've adjusted his food intake which has seemed to help. I feed him both hard (1/4 cup twice a day which my other cats also pick at) and soft food (1 tbsp once per day). His barf is usually unprocessed food and I've watched him and he tends to just swallow his food, not chew it and break it down. I know he is old, but he is still seems full of life, but I am worried that there may be other problems. Is it just that his teeth may be bothering him and that's why he isn't chewing properly or could he have real stomach issues? Is there a soft/hard style food that would be good to try? (not canned stuff). Help!!

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