My dog eats grass often. I don't ever see him throw-up. Is this normal?

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This is a common question, but, unfortunately, no one knows exactly why our pets eat grass. What we do know is that they like it. We even buy special grass for our cats to enjoy. And, while cats may enjoy it without any adverse effects, when our dogs eat grass, they many times vomit a few minutes or hours later. Did they eat the grass because they wanted to vomit? That would mean they knew what would happen if they ate grass, giving them uncharacteristic levels of perception.  Perhaps instinct has resulted in their desire to eat grass when they don't feel well in order to expel contents of their stomach. I am not sure anyone really knows the answer. The most important part of your question, however, was that your dog has not acted like she is not feeling well. So, keep an ey on him and if he beings to seem ill, seek attention and let the vet know he's been into grass :)