I have a 9 month old F2 Goldendoodle. He high energy but pretty well behaved for his age. When the weather is good we will walk for 1 1/2 to 3 hours a day. He can run loose so he covers a lot more miles than I do. When the weather is bad I run him on a treadmill for an hour or even a little more at about 5 miles per hour. He gets on easy and runs without a leash. I can even leave the room for a short time and he continues to run. My question is, am I pushing him to hard on the treadmill?

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It sounds like your baby loves to run on the treadmill!  Can he get off if he wants to?  Does he pant excessively or tire?  If not, sounds like he is fine on there!  I wish I could do it. If you are asking if he "needs" the exercise every day, the medical answer is "not really" but if he loves it and you can give it to him, then he is a very lucky boy.  Good for both of you!  I would love it if you would send us a fun picture to post!