I guess my main question would be what diseases could cause a bubbly itchy skin rash and a red belly. My dog is seeing an internist now, but they aren't really sure what is going on. They suspect autoimmune, but I have been searching on the internet for any autoimmune that causes that. She has been on different steriods for days and now just put on antibiotics as well and she seems to be getting a little closer to better...the only concern is her low blood platelets and proteins and her a little more than high white blood cell count. I did pay for a skin biopsy and will have results maybe monday. I just am so lost. She is a baby to me and was thinking of any suggestions I can toss their way.

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Heather, it sounds like you are doing all of the right things. The internist
has great training, trust in them. If you are not able to, you should
consider seeking an opinion from another internist (take all the results
with you). But, it sound like you are getting there. I am so glad. Hang in
there and keep us posted on your precious baby's progress!