I adopted a beagle about 6 months ago. She will be staying at my parents house for next week and half. She has been to this house before, but this time I am not with her. The past 3 days she has been there she has urinated on the floor. In the past she has been treated for incontinence with Proin, but it hasn't posed a problem in a while. My parents have been taking her out at least 6 times a day, and when she is with me she can go up to 8 hours without being let out or an accident. What might be causing this behavior and how can I prevent it in the future? Thank you!

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Hi Lindsay, yes, this can be a very difficult situation and a tough one to
determine if it is behavioral or medical. The first thing I have to ask, as
a vet, is that we make sure there is no medical reason for the inappropriate
urination. If she is urinating small amounts frequently, straining or has
blood in her urine- we may have more than a behavioral issue. IF she is
leaving puddles where she slept, then Proin may be needed again. The fact
that she has been treated for "leaking urine" in the past could indicate
that she is predisposed to urinary tract infection, so don't brush off that
thought too quickly. If she is afraid, confused or upset, she could be
urinating out of frustration (some of us call it spite) but difficult to
tell with the small amount of history given here. One way to prevent this is
to keep her in a crate when she is unsupervised- sounds harsh, but will
preserve your relationship with your parents and if it works out, they may
dog sit her again for you in the future!

I really hope this helps. Let us know if you need more advice and enjoy your