Do you have any information at all on the treatment of Pericardial-peritoneal Hernias??? I am desperate, someone i care for very much has just found out that her cat has this condition. She will pay anything to cure the problem. If anyone has ANY INFO at all, please send it to me so that I can forward on any positive input of stories of success. Clay has had the condition from birth but it has only just been fully realized. She is really devastated. Please help. : (

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The treatment is surgical and can be very dangerous.  If there are no clinical signs, it may not need to be treated in an adult cat, but if there is distress or problems as a result, surgery is the only way to deal with this.  I would recommend you seek the advice of a veterinary surgical specialist in your area. Her vet should refer her to one or you can find one by going on  Best of luck!